Drew Guitarte

"What if the future has been with us all this time?" Drew asks.

Drew invented Pluggable in 2022.

While standing beside his kitchen table one fine Autumn morning, a power outlet stares him in the eye.

This lowly power outlet provides electricity and will continue to do so in the future. Who knows what appliances and gadgets in the future we plug into this outlet? One thing's for sure. These gadgets will work. This outlet provides and will continue to provide reliable power. Guaranteed.

"What if the business model of the future is similar to this power outlet?" Drew muses.

Remember the first time plugging in a Tesla to charge. Most are beyond delighted. It's like staring at the future. Many more whiz-bang gadgets will be invented. Each one most probably plugs into a power outlet to recharge.

"What if doing business is as enjoyable as plug-and-play? We simply plug in and start playing." Drew is getting excited.

A plug is the gateway to the power plant. Neither power plant nor the plugged device needs to know more about each other. Just plug in and it will auto-cofigure itself.

"From where I stand, I can clearly see the future." Drew beams with delight.

The Pluggable Economy is born.